Color & Light

The house is simply a showcase,. Designed by architect George D. Hopkins, Jr., with the interiors created by Emily Adams,
John's house is dramatic and fascinating.

I haven't known Emily Adams, the interior designer for the Barrett house, as long as I've known George, but we have
been friends for several years. When she began talking about designing furniture i had no idea that the result would be a
14-piece collection that has everything from throne-like chairs to armories.

Here's a designer who has put her heart and soul into making her dream a reality. John's house is truly a showcase for her

... While the structure and grounds are text book perfect, the interior has the appeal of a wonderful combination of
elegance and playfulness. Interior designer Emily Adams used a bold palette of rouge and purple in the main entertaining
areas. "I visualized the house as a neoclassical contemporary villa," she says. "Simple. Elegant. I wanted to use strong colors
to absorb the light and give the rooms warmth."

The rouge-colored walls in the living room are highlighted with a band of 22-carat gold-leaf molding around the entire room.
Sconces, also finished in gold leaf, are incorporated into the molding and softly light the room, providing a dramatic
nighttime scene.

A grand piano occupies a place of honor in one corner of the room that features two seating areas defined by
contemporary rugs. Furniture from the Collection Paradis, which Emily designed, is showcased in the living room. Each piece
provides a dramatic statement and blends perfectly with the overstuffed couch, chairs and chaise longue she designed.

The six picture windows in the living room are all the "art" the room needs. "We only have one piece of art in the room,"
Emily says. "It's the dramatic painting by local artist/architect Tore Wallen that hangs over the fireplace."

The dramatic dining room is painted a regal purple color and all of the furniture in the room was designed by Emily. "The
chairs are neoclassic triangular shapes that have a somewhat ecclesiastical flavor," she says. "The chairs and table are
finished in purple and trimmed with 22-carat; top of the table is also gold, but don't worry, it has been carefully
polyurethaned for protection."

The same "coronation" purple is used on the walls of the three-level stairwell. However, when you reach the master
bedroom the mood changes completely. "It becomes sort of an Arabian Nights tent," Emily explains. "I covered the walls of
the entire room with a rich natural-colored silk fabric and then had Marco St. John paint the recessed ceiling to depict a
nighttime sky illuminated by the moon."

A Mario Villa bed dressed in a grand rich fabric further enhances the romantic setting. Emily's designs are showcased with
the chests on either side of the bed and a rouge-colored armoire beside the fireplace.

She created a dramatic vignette in one corner of the room by placing an overstuffed love seat in front of a mirrored screen
that she designed. The coffee table, end tables and side chest are also from her 14-piece furniture collection.

"Emily turned the bedroom into one of the most exciting spaces in the house," John explains. "It is cozy and wonderful."

Emily sums up her visualization of John's house in dramatic terms: "I think of the house as a beautiful barge floating on Lake

HOME SMART April 1994
By Bonnie Warren
Photos By David Richmond
New Orleans, Louisiana 985-515-7677

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